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Photos © Raynaud de Lage
Associated artists have such unique and pertinent projects in regards to the comprehensive project of the establishment, that it seemed necessary to us that their residency should be of a different length to mark their exceptional talents.  Their creations are key parts of the Parc de la Villette’s programming but also appear elsewhere: Avignon festival, opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games and various other great international festivals.


Cirque ici - Johann Le Guillerm for ATTRACTION, since 2001.
Johann Le Guillerm has worked since 2001 on a colossal project called ATTRACTION which questions balance, shapes, view points, the circus, movement and non permanence.  As a circus performer, “acrobat and object manipulator” his research is a product of the link between three questions: When is there balance? When its there metamorphosis? How does the notion of view point disturb notions of balance and shape? One of the stakes of the project is of passing boundaries.  Those that oppose art and science and which separate sensitive and rational.

Olivier Darné and the parti poétique for « zones sensibles », in 2007 and 2008
Although for some people the term « sensitive area » is deemed a « risk area », Olivier Darné plastic artist and urban beekeeper uses the original sense of the word of a sensitive area, an area of sensitivity, of the senses.  His project is plural:  he puts on stage practices (plastics, scientific, urban, cultural, social and taste) with a context (the town) revealed and measured by one singular medium which is 80 million years old : the bee.

As a sneak preview at the Les Pop’S festival, Olivier Darné and the Parti poétique designed the « Lunes de miel », shelter for 2 humans and 100 000 bees.

Christophe Berthonneau and the Groupe f for « Des paysages », in 2007 and 2008
Fire is the territory of fantasies and the unspeakable.  Christophe Berthonneau and the Groupe f use fire as an instrument of creation, a way to tell stories, to handle symbols and to act on our sensitive areas.
The project « Des paysages » and «  Préluminaires » uses interventions/installations and a great shape made specifically for the Parc de la Villette where experimentation combines fire, actors, fireworks and projections.