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© O. Fryszowski
Editorial: Villette Residencies
Artist’s residencies are intended to diversify approaches, invent relationship methods tailored to each project and develop different types of cooperation or partnership. All these approaches demand time, attention, convictions and great humility in the goals set out as everything is not immediately visible and cannot be measured with simple statistics.  They are however a key issue in the coming years for a public establishment that really wants to support the performing arts.

With a dozen per year, creative residencies (more rarely research) find time, dedicated and adapted spaces, expertise and technical and financial means at la Villette.  All of this is obviously necessary but not sufficient: the place, time and money cannot measure the success of a project.  With these provisions artists find here somebody to listen and pay attention and through very varied forms to support their project and calendar.

Supporting resident artists, even beyond affinity with an approach or project, is to invent with them the best way to collaborate and therefore continuously combine distance and proximity.  Sometimes it involves compensating for gaps, frailties and sotto voce, and knowing how to make suggestions.  It’s also knowing the tool which welcomes the housed project and in order to achieve the objectives at stake for both sides, its offering if needed the help of the skills mastered by the establishment.  In one way or another it’s sharing the creation process and having it shared with you.

Achieving the project goals is equally ensuring the visibility of these creations.  The Parc de la Villette often offers these projects space on its program where they will find enrichment, renewal and distribution over all its territories.